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Arrival by public transport (Lisbon-Ericeira)

Ericeira is connected to Lisbon by express coach service that departs from Campo Grande bus station.

How to reach Campo Grande Station

Once you land in Lisbon’s terminal you can take the metro to Campo Grande station where you will find the Bus Terminal. Another option is to reach Campo Grande by taxi. The ride with a taxi costs you around 5€ and takes roughly 10 minutes, whereas the metro will cost you around 4€ as well and takes more or less 40 minutes. Nowadays there are several taxi apps in Portugal including Uber, Bolt (Taxify), Free Now (My Taxi), and Cabify. Kapten, one of the newest on the market represents most of the time the cheapest option available.

Where can I find the bus and how can I book my ride?

The bus service is operated by Mafrense and their buses depart from stands 4 and 5. This service is operated like a standard bus service with tickets purchased from the bus driver and there is no means to reserve seats. There are many services throughout the day with the first around 06:30 and the last around 23:00 (check timetables for exact seasonal variations).

How often does the bus departs from Lisbon?

During the day the bus drives roughly every hour, while in the morning and towards the evening the bus drives more regularly. Always have in mind to check the time tables, as the schedules depend on the day of the week and may change over the weekend. We would recommend to download the App “MyMafrense”, where you can download the correct timetable for each day. The faster buses (between 45min and 65min) stay on the highway all the way, so try to catch one of them. Campo Grande bus station is attached to Campo Grande Metro station that is served by both the yellow and green lines.

If you let us know in advance we are happy to pick you up at the bus station in Ericeira; but please keep in mind our check-in times


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