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Surf Padang Padang - The Heart of Bali’s Surfing Hotbed

Surf Padang Padang – as famous for its natural beauty as it is for its legendary surf. The entrance is unique having to follow steps down, from the cliffs rising above. An idyllic, white sand beach stretching for over 120 meters welcomes you. Also, steep surrounding rocks and lush greenery will make you feel sheltered during your session. Large volcanic boulders and the sandy beach add to its exotic flavor.

It is an ideal place to learn how to surf and/or to improve your surf technique. While Padang Padang Left may be a break for the more advanced surfers, Padang Padang Right on the same beach is very gentle and welcoming to beginners and intermediates looking to progress. Close to Padang Padang you find other stellar surf spots like Bingin, Uluwatu, Impossibles and Dreamland. Also, the camp is only 3 km to the north of the famous Uluwatu temple.

The surf school runs from Monday to Sunday and the times for the sessions vary each day depending on the changing tide. Just head down to the board cage and our guides will choose the right board for you. We usually split students in 2 groups for surf lessons, beginners and intermediates. To join the intermediate group you should be able to duck dive as well as feel comfortable with head high surf. Surf lessons and guiding happens twice a day and include transport as well as information about the spot. We have a large selection of rental boards available for you, from big foamies and mini mals, to funboards and shortboards.

Our knowledgeable and experienced surf guides and instructors are experts in what they’re doing. Most of them have been surfing since they were little and know the island’s breaks by heart. Combined with their typical Balinese happiness, fun, thrilling sessions are guaranteed.

Whether you’re a beginner or working on improving, our instructors can help you progress. Most of our first-timers are able to stand up during their first surf session! Not sure if you’ll still need lesson? Don’t hesitate to ask our surf guides for advice.

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A group of surfers in the sunset on Bali Padang beach
Aerial Surfing move on wave
A group of surfer girls in the beach having surf lessons
A Surfer riding a barrel wave in Bali
A beginner surfer girl catching a wave in Bali
A Surfer riding a big wave in Bali
A girl surfing on a longboard in Bali
A surfer in Bali riding a barrel wave tube
A group of surfers standing up on surfboard
A group of surfers in the water riding waves in padang

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