Surf School in
Padang Padang.

Surf Padang Padang – as famous for its natural beauty as it is for its legendary surf. The entrance is unique having to follow steps down, from the cliffs rising above. An idyllic, white sand beach stretching for over 120 meters welcomes you. Also, steep surrounding rocks and lush greenery will make you feel sheltered during your session. Large volcanic boulders and the sandy beach add to its exotic flavor.

Surf Padang Padang – The Heart of Bali’s Surfing Hotbed

It is an ideal place to learn how to surf and/or to improve your surf technique. While Padang Padang Left may be a break for the more advanced surfers, Padang Padang Right on the same beach is very gentle and welcoming to beginners and intermediates looking to progress. Close to Padang Padang you find other stellar surf spots like Bingin, Uluwatu, Impossibles, and Dreamland. Also, the camp is only 3 km to the north of the famous Uluwatu temple.

Get the most out of your surfing experience

Let us show you the true beauty of Bali’s legendary waves — the most consistent and best surfing Asia has to offer. Then, after an energetic day riding waves at nearby breaks, return to Rapture and relax in our traditional gardens or mingle amongst new and old friends or family in our lounges.

The surf school runs from Monday to Sunday and the times for the sessions vary each day depending on the changing tide. Just head down to the board cage and our guides will choose the right board for you. 


A group of surfers in the sunset on Bali Padang beach
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A group of surfer girls in the beach having surf lessons
A Surfer riding a barrel wave in Bali
A beginner surfer girl catching a wave in Bali
A Surfer riding a big wave in Bali
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A group of surfers in the water riding waves in padang

Surf Lessons for all levels

Our instructors at Padang possess an intimate knowledge of local surf spots and surfing conditions. They are available for lessons, guided surfing and they love to offer advice on where and when to surf according to your individual skill level, experience, and current wave conditions.

We usually split students into 2 groups for surf lessons, beginners and intermediates. Surf lessons and guiding happens twice a day and include transport as well as information about the spot. We have a large selection of rental boards available for you, from big foamies and mini mals to funboards and shortboards.

Level 1
Beginners Surf Course

The beginner’s course is suitable for those who are trying to surf for the first time, or who haven’t surfed in a while and want to go over the basics one more time and feel more confident before moving to the intermediate module.

A significant part of our guests here in our camp in Padang have never surfed before, that’s why we offer lessons for complete beginners from Monday to Saturday every week.

What will you learn in the Beginner course

Our surf instructors will guide you through the basics of surfing making sure you develop your skills each day in line with your level.

With the help of our patient and experienced instructors in just a few days you might already be surfing green waves in Bali while having fun with the other surfers you’ll meet at the camp.

Here are some fundamental concepts you will start with at our surf camp:

  • Safety intro and beach awareness
  • Surf equipment explained
  • Paddling technique
  • Standing up on your board
  • How to ride a wave towards the shore
  • Improving your stance
  • Surfboard control
  • Catching a wave
  • Surf awareness
  • Improving your technique
  • Surfing along the wave
  • Video Analysis of your trainings
A beginner surfer girl catching a wave in Bali

Level 2
Intermediate Surf Course

The main difference between beginner and intermediate surfers is the level of autonomy in the water.

To be suitable for this module you should be able to:

  • Catch waves on your own
  • Being comfortable surfing head high waves by yourself
  • Being able to go along the waves
  • Have a very strong paddling ability and be comfortable in deep water
  • Feeling comfortable with over headsets
  • Decent knowledge of the code of conduct and rules in the water to stay safe and be respectful of other surfers

If this is still a challenge for you, we recommend you to stick to the beginner course instead.

Our instructors will help you to improve your skills by explaining to you how to read the water, adjusting your position and how to turn on waves.

What can you expect from the intermediate course

This module is focused on surfing head high waves. Our instructors will suggest to you how to take your technique to the next level, teaching you how to ride the face of the green waves.

Our staff will give you personalized tips on how you surf, the quality of the waves you pick, the speed you are able to generate, your agility on the wave, etc. and explain how you can improve your technique. All these factors can truly make a difference in your learning path. The more you surf, the better you do it and the more you’ll end up loving it.

Other important things you will learn in the Intermediate course:

  • Reading the ocean – Learning which waves to catch and which waves to skip instead
  • Stalling and accelerating
  • Angled take-offs
  • How to do turns
  • Video Analysis of your trainings
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Free Surf Guiding
For Experienced Surfers

To be suitable for surf guiding you need to be able to drop in confidently on 3ft+ waves, be comfortable surfing at low tide, and you should also have experience in doing top/bottom turns.

Other requirements for the guiding module are the ability to surf shortboards as well as the ability to duck dive, so if you’re not yet confident in head high or higher waves on your own we suggest trying to stick to the intermediate group for a while until you are ready for a bigger challenge.

All our instructors work together very closely communicating their students’ progress with each other, so you might start in an intermediate course and be suitable for our surf guiding after a few days already.

What you can expect from surf guiding:

We’ll give you the knowledge you need to feel confident in surfing most breaks, focusing on entry and exit from the break and we will help you decide which peak is the best for your level of surfing.

About our Surf Instructors in Padang

Our knowledgeable and experienced surf guides and instructors are experts in what they’re doing. Most of them have been surfing since they were little and know the island’s surf breaks by heart. Combined with their typical Balinese happiness, fun, thrilling sessions are guaranteed.

Whether you’re a beginner or working on improving, our instructors can help you progress. Most of our first-timers are able to stand up during their first surf session! Not sure if you’ll still need a lesson? Don’t hesitate to ask our surf guides for advice.

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What is surf guiding?

Surf guiding is included in the accommodation prices and is for anybody who can already surf confidently. If you are not fully sure if guiding is the right option for you please just book your accommodation. Once you are here we can see how your surfing level is and you can either join the surf lessons or go for the guiding. This service is offered free of charge in both the Padang Padang and Green Bowl locations.

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Is the surf camp suitable for complete beginners?

We love surfing, the ocean and Mother Nature and we love sharing this passion with our guests! Over the 15 yrs of history of Rapture Surfcamps we have taught more than 12,000 people how to surf. Allow us to light the fire within you too! 

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What kind of boards do you have available?

We have a large quiver of boards at the camp for all levels. We offer different size soft-tops and custom mals, as well as variety of fibre-glass performance based boards.

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