Fried prawns in butter and thyme

à Guilho

One of the most delicious dishes you will taste in Portugal is the traditional Gambas à Guilho. This easy to make recipe is basically shrimp and garlic together with some other flavours. It it said this recipe was created by the Spanish, but perfected by the Portuguese, as per our love for seafood! This dish (Gambas à Guilho) is best served with a side of toasted “Alentejano” bread so you can dip the bread into the tasteful sauce!

Fried prawns in butter and thyme
  • Instructions.
  • Ingredients.
  • If the prawns are not cooked, please boil them first (as per our first 4 steps). We advise you get freshly cooked prawns (you can find them at any supermarket).

    1. Place a pan of water and salt over high heat and wait until it boils.
    2. When it starts to boil, place the prawns slowly.
    3. Cook until they change colour and remove from heat.
    4. Drain the water from the prawns and let it cool down a little.
    5. Peel the prawns and set them aside (let them cool)
    6. Smash the garlic and add a lot of oil (and butter to make it even more special) to a frying pan. Take it to the fire.
    7. When it starts to boil, add a bit of lemon juice to taste, and also a tiny bit of Mustard
    8. Place the prawns, stirring them steadily and slowly.
    9. Also, add a little whiskey (or white wine) and let it refine.
    10. Season with spicy to your liking and serve accompanied by toast with garlic butter and good green wine.
    • Prawns 1kg
    • Garlic 4 cloves
    • Olive Oil As preferred
    • Lemon Juice As preferred
    • Whiskey or white wine As preferred
    • Mustard As preferred