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Ericeira Surf Villa

Ericeira - São Lourenço Villa

Our Surf Villa is located in São Lourenço beach, around 7km from Ericeira Centre. Praia de São Lourenço, one of the most northerly of all the main beaches in Ericeira village could be considered as a semi reef and beach break.

Join us at our Villa – Close to the beach & town

Moreover, it’s situated near an area with the most amazing restaurants specialized in fresh fish and seafood! The beach and the area itself are known for being a high-quality surf break. Also, because of the tasteful seafood that you can almost smell when walking next to the restaurants! Just 10min with a car from the beach, this Villa is perfect for families and groups of friends that want to take a break from the good old life and enjoy some relaxation away from the city noise!

A modern and more private holiday

Our São Lourenço Village consists of 4 rooms and one master suite. In addition, it features two bathrooms and a large living room with 100m2. You will also find a spacious kitchen for your convenience. Less but not least, the BBQ in the garden, so all the guests can enjoy the meals together.

The Surf Villa has a smart “U” shape. Likewise, the house garden and balconies are almost always taking the most sun possible during the day! Also, features a pool, lounge areas, and a big circulating area with grass. All this atmosphere will give you the peace and tranquillity you seek for your next vacation!

We are located just a short 30min drive from Lisbon Airport, and a 5min drive away from the City centre of Ericeira. For your convenience, we offer free bikes, skates & Surfboards. WiFi is available throughout the property.

You can book extras such as Surf Lessons (we cater to all levels), as well as Yoga sessions once you arrive at the Villa, for an extra price.

Rapturecamps Ericeira Sao Lourenco living room couch
Master suite view at rapturecamps ericeira São Lourenço
Rapturecamps Ericeira Sao Lourenco kitchen
Ericeira Rapturecamps Sao Lourenço Garden
Ericeira Rapturecamps Sao Lourenço fireplace
Ericeira Rapturecamps Sao Lourenço Pateo
Rapturecamps Ericeira Sao Lourenco garden pool
Ericeira Rapturecamps Sao Lourenço white bathroom
Ericeira Sao Lourenco Surfing Villa
Ericeira Rapturecamps Sao Lourenço red bathroom

Why you’ll love our surf villa in Portugal

Want to know more about the vibe at Rapture Surfcamp Portugal and become part of the #rapturefamily? To have a glimpse of what you’ll find in our Portuguese Camp have a look at the rooms inside our modern, beachfront Portuguese villa and to the amazing surf right outside our camp. Read more about the nightlife in the cute Old Town of Ericeira, the friendly faces you’ll meet at the camp, and take a look at the wonderful food chef cooks for us daily.

We love seeing your photos so tag @rapturecamps on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to get featured on one of our feeds!

Your booking always includes

Use of bicycles

Take one for a ride around

Surf theory class

Weekly (with the surf lesson)







Airport Shuttle

We will pick you up (extra cost)

Yoga Class

Book it for an extra price

Other important things to note

We want you to experience the best of both worlds. In order to do so, we created a concept where you can stay in a private Villa to spend your vacation, but you can also join our main Surfcamp to hang out and socialize with our other guests.

Please notice that all the inclusions mentioned above such as meals, yoga lessons and rentals are only available at our main location in Praia do Lizandro, Ericeira. We can pick you up for an extra price at São Lourenço Villa and bring you to our surfcamp or you can also make your way directly to us. There will also be a Saturday BBQ special for 14€ PP you can join at our main Ericeira location.

Additionally, each guest will need to pay a 2€ tourism tax per night (max. 7 nights).

Got more questions?

Read our Blog and the FAQs or contact us directly.

What kind of wetsuit do you recommend in Ericeira?

All our school wetsuits are 4/3, we strongly recommend this thickness if you want to bring your own wetsuit as well. In the summer months the temperature outside can get really high, however, the water temperature doesn’t get much warmer than 17°C. Don’t be scared though, that just wakes you up well for your lessons. You can rent a wetsuit directly in our camp – we have a variety of different sizes and fits.

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Arrival by car (Lisbon-Ericeira)

One of the easiest ways to reach Ericeira is by rental car. The 37km journey is fast and offers empty express roads (there are tolls to pay). The route heads north from Lisbon along the A8 and then west on the A21. The junction of the A8 and A21 is junction 5 and the A21 leads directly to the outskirts of Ericeira.

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Lisbon Day Trip

You can’t go to Portugal and not visit Lisbon. Portugal’s famous capital is warm, welcoming, colorful, with plenty of history to explore, and also incredibly yummy in terms of the food and drinks you can taste! The bus company “Mafrense” drives directly from Ericeira to Lisbon with service every hour on weekday – perfect for a nice sightseeing day trip to take a rest from surfing.

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