The tropical paradise of Bali is famous for being a top Surfing Destination, as well as a backpacker’s dream and first-class resort location. Surf conditions in Bali are great year-round for all levels of surfers, from beginner to expert. The Bukit boasts a range of reef and sandy beach breaks, including world-famous spots like Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Bingin, Impossibles, Balangan, Dreamland, Green Bowl, Gunung Payung and Nusa Dua — all within easy reach of our 2 Bali surf camps.

Are you looking for the perfect reef breaks, the best surfing spots or simply a packing list for traveling to Bali? Look no further as Rapturecamps got all that information organized for you!

surfing gili islands

Surfing the Gili Islands

Bali 31. Oct 2018

The three small islands that make up Surfing in the Gili Islands — Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili…

Rapturecamps Bali Cliff Drone

Bali Surf Resorts: modern comfort with traditional Balinese charm and breathtaking views

Bali 31. Oct 2018

Besides being the ultimate tropical island getaway and the location of Hollywood films such as “Eat, Pray, Love”; Bali…

Surfing Padang Padang

Surfing in Padang Padang: Bali’s most celebrated surf spot

Bali 31. Oct 2018

The beach at Padang Padang is a beautiful sandy stretch situated only 3km (2 miles) north of the Uluwatu…

Surfing Uluwatu

Surfing in the legendary Uluwatu

Bali 31. Oct 2018

The legendary place called Uluwatu holds a special place in surf lore. Surfing Uluwatu is associated with crème de…

Surf School in Bali: the perfect spot to learn how to surf

Bali 30. Oct 2018

On the lookout for a great surfing holiday in a gorgeous Southeast Asian environment? Our surf school Bali provides…

things to do on the gili islands

7 Things To Do on the Gili Islands

Bali 30. Oct 2018

Gili Islands: activities and experiences Located to the northwest of the larger Indonesian island of Lombok, the 3 Gili…

Bali Temple

Discover the Real Bali – Ubud and Uluwatu

Bali 30. Oct 2018

Just a few miles away from the more touristic, developed areas of the Indonesian island of Bali one can…

Surfer at Uluwatu

Eco Surf Rescue Uluwatu: Keeping Uluwatu Clean!

Bali 30. Oct 2018

Uluwatu, on the Bukit Peninsula, is known for its amazing cliff-top temple and as one of the best surfing…