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Waves for Days

Are you still after that perfect surf break? If you have no idea where your next travel will be read about our top surf breaks for beginners, and pros. and get inspired before your next surf trip!

Aerial shot of Padang Padang

What to know before booking a surf camp in Bali

Bali 15. Jul 2019

Booking a surf camp in Bali with us is a piece of cake, but if you have any questions…

9 tips to help you plan the perfect surf trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica 15. Jul 2019

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Surfcamp and surf lessons in Costa Rica: Everything you need to know

Costa Rica 21. Jun 2019

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7 of the weirdest waves around the world and where to find them

Inspiration 21. Jun 2019

Minus the saltwater and add a whole lot of stoke and you’re left with some of the weirdest waves…

Surfer in a squatting position of his board

How to improve your surfing in 6 easy steps

Inspiration 21. Jun 2019

Learn how to improve your surfing with these 6 easy steps and a little guidance from Rapture Surfcamps talented…

Surfer in a tropical scenery

Planning a surf trip to the tropics? Here are 10 essentials you shouldn’t leave home without

Inspiration 5. Jun 2019

If you’re planning a surf trip to the tropics then check out our latest article, where we break down…

People on the beach at a surf camp

Booking a surf camp? Here’s what to look for when making your decision

Inspiration 31. May 2019

With so many options out there ranging from the extravagant to the downright shabby, booking a surf camp can…

Surfing in Portugal: A brief history

Portugal 24. May 2019

Take a seat and enjoy a lesson on surfing in Portugal with our latest article that chronicles the history…

Surfboard tied to the roof of a car

Traveling with a surfboard made easy in 6 simple steps

Inspiration 24. May 2019

Traveling with your surfboard can be a real-life nightmare. Here’s how to avoid the drama of flying with a…