Waves for Days

Are you still after that perfect surf break? If you have no idea where your next travel will be read about our top surf breaks for beginners, and pros. and get inspired before your next surf trip!

An image of guests relaxing at Rapture Surfcamps Bali

Swap Snow For Surf: Why Bali Is The Perfect Winter Escape

Bali 4. Jul 2024

Are you dreaming of getting away from the winter’s chill this year?  For Europeans, winter is just a few…

An image of rapture surfcamp guests stretching

Shred The Waves: Surf Workout Plans For All Levels

Inspiration 1. Jul 2024

Rideable waves are scarce. But what can you do to ensure your making the most of each session? A…

Surf Legends: Inspirational Stories from the Big Waves

Inspiration 28. Jun 2024

The world’s biggest, most powerful waves don’t intimidate surfing’s elite big wave riders. In fact, they energise them. From…

Stay and Surf: A Comprehensive Tour of Green Bowl Surf Camp Amenities

Bali 27. Jun 2024

In search of a surf camp that nails both stellar waves and superb amenities? Welcome to our Green Bowl…

An image of two surfers walking along the beach in orca wetsuits

Beginners Guide to Wetsuits: Staying Warm and Flexible in the Waves

Inspiration 26. Jun 2024

Feeling those first chilly drops of ocean water hitting your skin and questioning if you’re truly prepared to brave…

An image of a man surfing in bali wearing shorts

Mastering The Waves With Off-Peak Surf Lessons in Bali’s Tropical Waters

Bali 25. Jun 2024

Craving those glassy, uncrowded waves without the chaos of peak season? Bali’s tropical waters turn into your personal playground…

An image a coast in bali

Beginners Paradise: Why Bali’s Off-Peak Season Is Ideal for Learning to Surf

Bali 24. Jun 2024

Even the pro surfers were beginners once. Everyone has to start somewhere, and Bali’s off-peak season is the ideal…

An image of a person surfing in Ericeira

Catch the Perfect Wave: A Beginner’s Guide to Surfing in Ericeira

Portugal 21. Jun 2024

Imagine scenic cliffs draped in vibrant blue hydrangea bushes overlooking crisp Atlantic swells rolling onto golden sandy beaches. This…

An image of a person surfing a wave

Learning to Surf: A Beginners Guide to Surfing Mastery

Inspiration 20. Jun 2024

Are you eager to start surfing but not sure where to begin? You’re not the first and certainly won’t…

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