Good food is
good mood.

One of our favorite sauces from our Costa Rica surf camp is the Rum-fueled BBQ Sauce. This sauce is always the perfect idea for anything that you put on the grill. Also, it’s our best friend at BBQ nights in Costa Rica.

Come and visit us in Costa Rica and taste this very special Rum-fueled BBQ Sauce yourself. Or you can try making it at home and introducing it to the next family barbecue! Your friends will definitely be impressed.

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A bar with fruit at surfcamp in costa rica
  • Instructions.
  • Ingredients.
    1. Chop up the vegetables, and cook them until soft.
    2. Then add everything but the rum and simmer for 10 minutes.
    3. Lastly pour the rum over and blend it smooth to your desired consistency.
    • Tomatoes 1 small can (diced)
    • Onion 1 small
    • Red paprika 1/2
    • Red Chilli 1
    • Dark rum 60ml
    • Vinegar 60ml
    • Oil 1 Tbsp
    • Ground paprika 1 Tbsp
    • Salt 1 Tbsp
    • Worcestershire sauce Dash