Green Mango Salad
with Coconut Rice

One of our favourite dishes from our Costa Rican surf camp is the Green Mango Salad with Coconut Rice. We’ve freshened up the traditional take on the Green Mango Salad recipe a bit by adding coconut water to the rice. It makes it extratropical in flavour, even more, nutritious and easier to digest. This healthy and tasty salad recipe will surely make your mouth water both in Costa Rica and back home.

Come and visit us in Costa Rica and taste this camp special our chefs created yourself. You can use our delicious recipe at home and impress your friends at your next gathering!

Servings: 2

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A plate with salad vegetables and rice
  • Instructions.
  • Ingredients.
    • Put a Saucepan with the oil and coconut on a medium heat, stir until the coconut is brown and add the rice and water, bring to a gentle simmer, and turn down to the lowest heat possible, letting the rice absorb the water with a lid on, about 15 minutes later the water should be gone, meaning you can remove the pan from the heat, and let it rest covered for another 10 minutes.
    • While the rice cooks, you can prepare the salad, peeling the mango and cutting into thin strips, using a box grater to get all the „meat“ from the core.
    • Roughly chop the tomatoes, slice up the herbs you are using, and seasoning all the ingredients in a bowl with soy sauce, lime and fish sauce, using your hand to squeeze and smoosh everything together.
    • Serve the salad on top of a pile of rice, pouring the dressing over everything and garnishing with chopped toasted peanuts.


    • Oil Tablespoon
    • Shredded Coconut 50g
    • White Rice 200g
    • Water 300ml
    • Salt Teaspoon
    • Green Mango 1
    • Tomatoe 1
    • Mint, Basil and Coriander
    • Soy Sauce Teaspoon
    • Fish Sauce Teaspoon
    • Lime 1
    • Toasted Peanuts