Homemade Bread

Try preparing this recipe for Homemade Bread in the comfort of your home. Both the sourdough and the whole wheat version are popular with our camp guests! Any type of bread you create with your hands will always be better than the one you purchase at the store. With no preservatives and all local ingredients, our Homemade Bread is a healthy and budget-conscious alternative!

You don’t need a special bread baking oven for this Homemade Bread. You can keep the culture going for a long time in your fridge. Come visit us in Costa Rica and try it as toast or a whole wheat compliment to your evening meal. Or make a nice loaf of bread at home and surprise your family!

Servings: One loaf

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Two loafs of home made bread
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    1. Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl, not forgetting that the dough will rise to double or more of its original size. Only mix as much that no more raw flour can be seen.
    2. Now let the dough rise overnight, for about 12h or more. To bake the bread you need some form of a heavy bottom oven dish, a cast iron pot with a tight fitting lid would be the best option but anything you can put in the oven and cover with aluminum foil works just as well.
    3. Before you can bake your bread, push out the air of your now fluffy dough and transfer it into a smaller well-oiled bowl, letting it rise again for 20-30 minutes, while you preheat the oven on its highest setting, together with the baking dish of your choice.
    4. When properly risen take out the dish, oil it up quickly and put the dough gentle down. Cover with lid or foil, and bake covered for half an hour, and another 15 minutes uncovered. To check if your bread is finished, tap the bottom which should sound hollow and be crispy.
    5. Let it cool completely on a wired rack or similar before slicing it up. We serve ours with creamy homemade hummus which is definitely recommended.
    • Wheat Flour 500g
    • Water 360ml
    • Salt 2 tsp.
    • Yeast 1 tsp.

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