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Get to know our Milfontes Surf School! This area is full of beautiful white sand beaches with mellow and fun waves, perfect for beginners and more experienced surfers as well.

Perfect summer with mellow & fun waves

Milfontes is a village located in the western coast of Alentejo in Portugal. Due to its prime location, it offers friendly enjoyable waves that can be surfed by beginners and intermediates. The surf in this area is consistent throughout all the summer months, offering those typical easy mellow waves from the south of Europe.

Our price includes daily transportation to the surf spots of Malhão and Furnas, depending on the tides and surfing conditions, so you can get the best cruisy fun waves on Costa Vicentina. The area and beaches are usually uncrowded, which makes this location a perfect spot to give your first steps on surfing. The waves in Milfontes are also very suitable for improving your surfing experience as an advanced beginner or intermediate.


Surfen lernen in Milfontes Alentejo Rapture Surfcamp Portugal
Group surf lessons with Rapturecamps

Surf Lessons for Beginners and intermediates

Our Surf School in Milfontes – Alentejo

No matter if you have stood on a board once or twice before, you plan all your travels around surfing the world, or you want to experience the feeling of riding a wave for the first time, our local surf guides know every break and will take you to the one that suits your level and offers perfect conditions for that day.

Our staff will show you how to successfully pop on the board, how to progress from whitewater to green waves, and how to enhance your existing skills, taking you from riding to ripping.

At our surf school, we have a selection of boards that you can hire from our friendly staff. These include twin fins, longboards, and thrusters. With this variety you can surf everything from a ripple to overheard barrels, switching up boards as the conditions change.

Man catching his first wave

Level 1 (Beginners Surf Course)

The beginner category is for those who have never surfed before, or who haven’t surfed in a while and want to go through the basics one more time. It is a great fit for all people who are refining their techniques and gaining confidence. We’ll give you a fun introduction to surfing, and share the stoke when you catch your very first waves. We’ll make sure that you develop your skills in line with your level and that you’ll catch as many waves as possible while having fun with the other surfers.

Is the course for complete beginners?

A significant part of our guests at all camps are complete beginners, that’s why we offer lessons for complete beginners from Mondays to Saturdays and as you progress during your time at camp, so does the instruction you receive. Trust us, within your stay you might already be riding green waves with the help of our patient and experienced instructors and you will meet a new surfing family at camp that may stay friends for life.

What will you learn in the Beginner course

Your first surf lesson begins with an instructor teaching you the basics on how to handle a surfboard, paddle out, catch a wave and get to your feet.

Here are some fundamental steps you will start with at our camp:

  • Safety intro and beach awareness
  • Surf equipment explained
  • Paddling technique
  • Catching a wave
  • Standing up on your board
  • Surfboard control
  • How to ride a wave towards the shore
  • Improving your stance
  • Surf awareness
  • Improving your technique
Intermediate Surf Lessons in Ericeira

Level 2 (Intermediate Surf Course)

The main difference between beginner and intermediate surfers is their autonomy in the water. To be suitable for the intermediate group you should be able to get up on waves on your own, have a very strong paddling ability and be comfortable in the water in general. If this is still a challenge for you, you will benefit more from the beginner course instead.

Our instructors will help you to improve your skills, you will learn how to read the water, where to position yourself and how to turn on waves. 

What can you expect from the intermediate course?

This module is focused on getting to the outside (lineup) in waist-high waves. We’ll teach you to catch green waves and ride the face of the wave instead of going straight in the white water. Our instructors will identify the important changes you can bring to your technique that will end up making a huge difference in your surfing style! 

Our surf shool for intermediate surfers

You will get personalised tips on how you surf and about what to improve as the quality of the waves you pick, the speed you are able to generate, your agility on the wave.

Our team will teach you how to use rip currents and as well refine your timing while picking up the waves to surf etc. All these factors can truly make a difference in your learning path. The more you train, the better you surf and the more you’ll end up loving it.


Other important things you will learn with us in the Intermediate course:

  • Paddling out techniques
  • Sitting on your board
  • Positioning yourself in the line-up
  • Catching a wave towards shore
  • Reading the ocean – Learning which waves to catch and which waves to rather skip
  • Stalling and accelerating
  • Going “out the back”
  • Improve your stance
  • Angled take-offs
  • Riding unbroken waves

About our surf instructors in Milfontes

If you are taking surf lessons, our instructors will first teach you the basics in surf theory class. Afterwards, they will advise you on which break suits your skill level. They’ll show you how to pop up onto the board for the first time or how to improve your existing skills and get from riding to ripping. Moreover, our rental fleet consists of new epoxy and fibreglass boards in all shapes and sizes to suit your surfing needs and wishes.

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Browse our FAQ for more info about our surf lessons in Milfontes.

Fixed time for lessons?

The times of the surf lessons can vary daily depending on the swell size and the tides, it can be anytime starting from morning until the afternoon. This is because we want to get you the best waves and conditions possible! Each evening the time for the next day’s departure is updated on a white […]

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How far away is the nearest beach to the surfcamp?

Intermediate / Beginner?

The beginner category is extremely broad and it covers people who have never surfed at all to people who are refining their technique and gaining confidence. To be suitable for the intermediate group you need to be able to drop in confidently on 3ft+ waves, be comfortable surfing at low tide, and should be able […]

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