One of the favourite recipes from our guests is our Veggie Curry. We usually make this dish for dinner and it’s a very comfortable and affordable meal that you can easily make at home! It consists of a mixture of healthy vegetables all roasted and chopped up together to make up one of the most delicious flavours you’ll ever get to taste!

Veggie Curry is the perfect option for a light lunch after a morning surf sesh!


Servings: 4

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A dish of veggie curry
Veggie Curry plate
Veggie Curry served on a blue plate
Veggie Curry on a blue plate
  • Instructions.
  • Ingredients.
    • Roast the base ingredients all together in a pot, always make sure to stir so that nothing burns until the mixture gets a brownish, roasted colour
    • Get the main ingredients all chopped up and put together with the spice mixture to toast coconut Milk.
    • Add the chickpeas and the tomato in the end.
    • Finally, add some water, not a lot just so everything is covered, and let cook – add salt and pepper to taste
    • Base Ingredients
    • Oil
    • Curry Powder 2 Tablespoon
    • Aniseed 2x pieces
    • Mustard Seeds 2 Teaspoons
    • Cardamon 2x pieces
    • Main ingredients
    • Onions 1x
    • Carrots 3x
    • Cauliflower 1 medium size
    • Waxy Potatoes 2 medium size
    • Coconut Milk 300ml
    • Chickpeas (already soaked) 1 Can
    • Tomato (chopped, either fresh or canned) 2 Cans

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