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Our guests in Ericeira always compliment us on the amazing banana bread we serve as a breakfast special so we thought we’d share our recipe with you! As you may know, Banana bread is basically made of mashed bananas. Sweet and fluffy, it resembles a cake and includes different types of nuts and a bit of chocolate. It will bring lots of strength and energy to your surfing day!

Servings: One loaf

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Banana bread recipe from Rapturecamps
Banana bread Rapturecamps recipe
  • Instructions.
  • Ingredients.
    • Start off with preparing your special ingredients (if using). Blend three-quarters of the chocolate and the nuts in a blender. Break the remaining quarter of the chocolate & nuts into large chunks for later.
    • Prepare the sides & bottom of a long cake-pan with a coating of flour & butter (to prevent the bread-mix from sticking) and preheat the oven to 180°C.
    • Next, mix both the flour and baking soda into a bowl. In a second bigger bowl mix the melted butter, white sugar, eggs, a pinch of salt, milk and the bananas. Add the flour mix into the wet ingredients and combine until the mixture forms a dough.
    • Once your dough is nice and smooth add the chocolate-nut mix and stir together – there should be no big chunks left. Now pour the dough into the cake-pan and sprinkle the rest of your nuts and chocolate chunks onto it.
    • Put the bread in the pre-heated oven and bake for around 20-30 minutes – use a chopstick to check if the bread is done.
    • Tip: If there’s still dough on the chopstick it still needs some time in the oven!
    • Once it’s done, take it out and leave to cool.
    • Bananas, ripe 6
    • Butter, melted 250g
    • White Sugar 300g
    • Eggs 4
    • Flour 400g
    • Baking soda 6 tsp
    • Milk 30ml

    • For special occasions:
    • Chocolate bars, dark 1-2
    • Hazelnuts, grated 100g
    • Walnuts, grated 100g
    • Salt a pinch of

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