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Surf Canggu with twice daily surf sessions included

Bali, the only island of the Indonesian archipelago with Hindu roots, is famous for its world-class surf. Considering there are over 40 surf spots suitable for all levels, you can surf Canggu all year round. Also, with water temperatures between 26-30 °C, leave your wetsuit at home and enjoy the warm tropical waters!

At Canggu, we organize surf guiding two times a day, from Monday to Saturday. Depending on the surfing conditions, we can have up to 16 trips daily to various surf spots around Bali. We divide our guests into small groups according to their surf skill level, with max 6 guests per surf guide. This way, we ensure personal attention to each and every guest and also and safety in the water.

We have the daily talk to check all tides, swells and wind conditions so we can take all the guests into the spot with the better conditions for that day. If you are a complete beginner, we recommend our 5-days Learn-to-Surf package. After that, you will be more comfortable to join our surf guiding!

Lastly, our dedicated Bali surf guides always go together with you in the water to give you tips and show you tricks. They are locals and familiar with the island. They will provide you with detailed spot introduction, pointing out all measures you need to have to ensure beach safety. Our guided surfing is always adjusted to the weather conditions and you may visit an odd secret spot no one knows about.

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A surfer girl riding a wave in Bali Canggu
A surfer flying from a wave in Bali Canggu
A group of surf instructors and students in Bali

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