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The spot with the highest density of Bali surf breaks

Bali is world famous for having some of the best surf beaches and reefs on the planet. Located in the south of the Bukit peninsula, Rapture Surfcamps in Green Bowl is a stone throw away from Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Dreamland & Bingin and a central hub for various other surf spots in the area reachable within 30 minutes from the camp. Some of these green bowl surf breaks are more suited for experienced surfers. However, there are plenty of other easier beach breaks nearby for newbies. Padang Padang Right, Mushroom Rock and Jimbaran are just a few perfect beginner surf spots. You can Green Bowl surf in Bali all year round. Even with dry season (which gets the biggest swells), between April and September and rainy season from October until March.

Our home beach, Green Bowl, is only 150m away from the camp. It’s a 30m coastal strip with white sand, connected to the village on the clifftop above by steep steps. Getting down to the beach can be physically challenging because you have to climb or descend approximately 300 steps but if you see it as a warm up for your upcoming surf on a uncrowded beach, it is well worth it.The surf here is fast with a hollow right and Green Bowl is considered an intermediate to advanced spot. Green Bowl is a hidden gem because of its secludedness and the two large limestone caves that enclose small rock shrines. These caves provide shade and shelter for everyone visiting the beach.

Whatever level you’re at, we’ll make sure to take you to spots you’ll love – and show you some secret ones too! We provide beach transfers to all the spots we visit in the area.

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A happy surfer riding wave in Bali beach
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Kid surfing a wave on bali beach
Surfer girl swimming with smile on Bali waves
Surfer girl paying attention to surf instructor lesson
Surfer riding a massive wave in Bali
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