Green Bowl
Surf School.

Green Bowl combines the waves that Bali is known for with the small crowds of a remote beach. The natural seclusion of the beach means that you most likely won’t have to share this spot with a lot of other surfers.

Surf in the spot with the highest density of Bali surf breaks

Bali is world-famous for having some of the best surf beaches and reefs on the planet. Located in the south of the Bukit peninsula, Rapture Surfcamps in Green Bowl is a stone throw away from Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Dreamland & Bingin, and a central hub for various other surf spots in the area reachable within 30 minutes from the camp. Some of these Green Bowl surf breaks are more suited for experienced surfers. However, there are plenty of other easier surf breaks nearby for newbies. Padang Padang Right, Mushroom Rock, and Jimbaran are just a few perfect beginner surf spots.

Discover Bali’s tropical paradise from a secluded place

The surf camp, located on a cliff overlooking the ocean, is only at a 5-minute scooter ride away from our home beach, Green Bowl: a 30m coastal strip with white sand, nestled amongst caves and surrounded by the steep, green hills. You can also make your way down the path to the beach on foot in about 25-minutes. If you see it as a warm-up for your upcoming surf on an uncrowded beach, it is well worth it. You can check the vibe of the surfcamp and our Green Bowl Surf school on our Instagram!

Take your surfing skills to the next level in our surf school

The wave is a fast hollow right and Green Bowl is considered an intermediate to advanced spot. Green Bowl is a hidden gem because of its secludedness and the two large limestone caves that enclose small rock shrines. These caves provide shade and shelter for everyone visiting the beach.

Whatever level you’re at, we’ll make sure to take you to spots you’ll love – and show you some secret ones, too! Likewise, we provide beach transfers to all the spots we visit in the area.

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Surf Lessons for all levels

Our camp is run by surfers who are passionate about the island, the sport and the lifestyle that comes with it!

Our staff in Bali Green Bowl surf school possess expert and intimate knowledge of local surf spots and surfing conditions. They are available for lessons, guided surfing, and they can help you out choosing the best island tours, and they love to offer advice on where and when to surf according to your skill level, experience, and current wave conditions.

Girl popping up on a surfboard

Level 1
Beginners Surf Course

The beginner’s course is suitable for those who are trying to surf for the first time, or who haven’t surfed in a while and want to go over the basics one more time and feel more confident before moving to the intermediate module.

A significant part of our guests here in our camp in Bali have never surfed before, that’s why we offer lessons for complete beginners from Monday to Saturday every week.

What will you learn in the Beginner course

Our surf instructors will guide you through the basics of surfing making sure you develop your skills each day in line with your level.

With the help of our patient and experienced instructors in just a few days you might already be surfing green waves in Bali while having fun with the other surfers you’ll meet at the camp.

Here are some fundamental concepts you will start with at our surf camp:

  • Safety intro and beach awareness
  • Surf equipment explained
  • Paddling technique
  • Standing up on your board
  • How to ride a wave towards the shore
  • Improving your stance
  • Surfboard control
  • Catching a wave
  • Surf awareness
  • Improving your technique
  • Surfing along the wave
  • Video Analysis of your trainings
Surfer making top turn trick in Playa Avellanas

Level 2
Intermediate Surf Course

The main difference between beginner and intermediate surfers is the level of autonomy in the water.

To be suitable for this module you should be able to:

  • Catch waves on your own
  • Being comfortable surfing head high waves by yourself
  • Being able to go along the waves
  • Have a very strong paddling ability and be comfortable in deep water
  • Feeling comfortable with over headsets
  • Decent knowledge of the code of conduct and rules in the water to stay safe and be respectful of other surfers

If this is still a challenge for you, we recommend you to stick to the beginner course instead.

Our instructors will help you to improve your skills by explaining to you how to read the water, adjusting your position and how to turn on waves.

What can you expect from the intermediate course

This module is focused on surfing head high waves. Our instructors will suggest to you how to take your technique to the next level, teaching you how to ride the face of the green waves.

Our staff will give you personalized tips on how you surf, the quality of the waves you pick, the speed you are able to generate, your agility on the wave, etc. and explain how you can improve your technique. All these factors can truly make a difference in your learning path. The more you surf, the better you do it and the more you’ll end up loving it.

Other important things you will learn in the Intermediate course:

  • Reading the ocean – Learning which waves to catch and which waves to skip instead
  • Stalling and accelerating
  • Angled take-offs
  • How to do turns
  • Video Analysis of your trainings
surfer pulling into the barrel of a wave

Level 3

To be suitable for surf guiding you need to be able to drop in confidently on 3ft+ waves, be comfortable surfing at low tide, and you should also have experience in doing top/bottom turns.

Other requirements for the guiding module are the ability to surf shortboards as well as the ability to duck dive, so if you’re not yet confident in head high or higher waves on your own we suggest trying to stick to the intermediate group for a while until you are ready for a bigger challenge.

All our instructors work together very closely communicating their students’ progress with each other, so you might start in an intermediate course and be suitable for our surf guiding after a few days already.

What you can expect from surf guiding:

We’ll give you the knowledge you need to feel confident in surfing most breaks, focusing on entry and exit from the break and we will help you decide which peak is the best for your level of surfing.

About our Surf Instructors in Green Bowl

At our Green Bowl surf school, we have knowledgeable and experienced local and international surf guides working with us. Also, we take safety seriously and the experience and friendliness of our guides make it easy to put your mind at rest.

Our guides can help you learn how to catch waves or improve your technique whether you’re a complete beginner or a more advanced surfer. In addition, we’ll take you to a surf break that fits your level and comfort.

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Got more questions?

Browse our FAQ for more info about our surf lessons in Green Bowl.

What’s the weather like in Bali during the Rainy Season?

Many people ask us about the rainy season. We have spent many years in Bali, and the season is nowhere near as bad as they say online. Usually the rain happens during the night for 1 – 2 hours, this can actually be an amazing thing to watch as the storms that come with the rain can be incredible. By the time you wake up in the morning the rain has gone and everything is dry again. The only thing you will notice is an increase to temperature and humidity.

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Is there a minimum stay?

We do not have a minimum stay at Rapture! We know that plans change and people like to be flexible when they travel, so if you want to stay 3 days or 3 months, that’s OK with us.

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Difference between Surf Lessons and Surfguiding?

During a lesson you will work with an instructor to improve technique and gain confidence in the water. The instructors will help you to catch the waves so you can save your energy to practice pop ups and turns. In lessons a board and lycra is included in the price. Guiding is included in the price of your stay, all you have to pay for is the board rental. Guiding involves transport to the spot and some guidance on areas to avoid in the water but apart from that you are responsible for yourself and the instructors will not give you any hints or tips.

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