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If you love surfing or would like to try it, Rapture Surfcamp Portugal is the right place for you. And you can’t get closer to the shore – the surfcamp in Ericeira is only a few steps from the beach. Wake up for the early morning surf and peer out the window with your head still on your pillow to check the waves.

Ericeira is a world-class surfing destination, a fishing and seaside resort town on the west coast of Portugal, just about 35 km north-west of Lisbon.



The Rapture Portugal Surfcamp in Ericeira is based in a large 2-level Portuguese style house. Check out the surf while you watch TV or a surf DVD in the lounge room. Relax in the backyard on the daybed for an afternoon bake in the sun whilst sinking a few beers or sipping a glass of wine or port from the local vineyards. The house is situated to the right of Foz do Lizandro beach and is a 15-minute walk to the town centre.

Our Surfcamp Portugal is located at the beach

Beachfront Accommodation

Our Surfcamp in Ericeira Has What You Are Looking For

Whether you are a beginner or have surfed since you were 6, Ericeira is one of the best and most consistent summer surf destinations in Europe. With beautiful beach breaks for our Surf School as well as Portugal’s most hollow point breaks and reefs – there is something for everyone and all within a 10-minute drive.

Surf Spots For All Levels of Surfers From Beginner to Expert

Our guides will take you surfing at the best surf spots of Ericeira, best suited to you and the current surf conditions, ranging from beach breaks to point breaks and reef lefts and rights. We offer cheap surf lessons for beginners and then surfguiding throughout the day. You can practice what you have learnt that morning all day long your self.

Ericeira is known throughout Europe as one of the best spots for surfing all year round. The majority of Portuguese professional surfers come from Ericeira, due to its high quality and consistency of waves. One of the longest breaks here in Ericeira, Ribeira d’llhas, hosts two world surfing competitions yearly. Ericeira has many beaches for beginners to learn on and also offers many perfect left and right hand reef breaks for more experienced surfers. All of these breaks are within a 20km radius of the camp.

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